How to Tape Fingers | Tape Armor | Finger Tape for BJJ

Dec 13

How to Tape Fingers

Taping your fingers in a proper manner will ensure that the tape does not slip off during practice due to sweat, provides you with the right amount of support, and allows for some flexibility to bend your fingers. Taping fingers can be good for athletes such as rock climbers, jiu jitsu, BJJ, wrestling, judo, basketball, or volleyball where sprained fingers are common and you need support with the flexibility to bend your fingers during practice to grip an arm, a ball, or a lapel. Sports tape can be used to support injured fingers but can also be used to prevent injuries as well.

The trick is to use a good quality athletic tape and use an “X” design. The X design is best because it will not fall off and does not hinder the athlete from bending their fingers. Check out some of the videos below that provide instruction on how to tape your fingers properly.

I hope this information will provide you with what you need to know to help recovery of your poor fingers. Our mission is to keep you in the game doing what you love best.

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